Calls Will Be Recorded For Training And Monitoring Purposes (2017) 172pp. Compendium of works.

#1.1 Observations (2016) 44pp. A visual stream of consciousness; a collection of quiet social commentary. Thoughts, stories, quotes, poems, statistics.

#1.2 Words (2016) 48pp. New, exotic, obscure, jargon, meaningless. Old, euphonic, contentious, repurposed, or redundant - fading from memory.

#1.3 Messages (2016) 48pp.
An augmented ‘real’ reality of maverick memos and subversive subtexts. Virtual graffiti, phantom murals, guerrilla signs. 

#1.4 Appropriations (2016) 44pp. Subtitled stills from non-existent foreign films, mockumarketing for unreal homes, visual odes to unsung buildings and structures.