Places and Spaces

Musings on seating choice in shared spaces, with visual surveys and smart seating. 
This eight hour timelapse in a coffee shop reveals how popular seats depend on factors such as time of day, how many in a group, and the reason for the visit.

An animated schematic from the timelapse. The tables/bar are in yellow and the seats/ customers around them are represented as coloured squares, each colour being determined by the number of people in the group.
Key to colours
Coffee shop
interior elements
Grey: floor
Yellow: Table/bar
Red/pink: pillar
Pink: shelving
Seats/number of customers in group 
Pale pink: 0 people
Blue/green: 1 person
Blue/grey: 2 people
Purple: 3+ people

A smart seat to count sitters. Its cushion conceals a pressure sensor connected to a wireless wifi-enabled micro-controller. This is connected it to an IO and Javascript node, with a dashboard to display the number of individual sitters, individual sitting times, and total sitting time.