Graphic details

Design details from web and print projects over the years.
A mix of projects while working for myself PH, Lambie-Nairn LN, Rod Dyer Group, LA, RDG or Pentagram P. pages from film director / photographer’s website, PH; Exploration: brand design for new range of Simpson paper, US, RDG; Generator: 3D logo for marketing company, LN; Up To Date Type Face: magazine cover, US, P; Chandelier: exhibition poster for lighting designer SKK, PH.

Chez Gérard:
promotional material and menus for restaurant group, PH; Vickers plc: hand graphic for annual report cover representing the five company divisions of the engineering company, LN; OUN: calendars for Japanese stationery retailer, pages from project website, PH.

Printed books. Architecture & Poetry: essay by Pentagram partner Theo Crosby, P; Lambie-Nairn: promotional book for design company, LN; OXCI/SXCI: marketing material for eyewear company Benson & Ashley, PH; Building Lloyd’s: 3 graphic plates and accompanying book from an extensive boxed exhibition for Lloyd’s of London (insurance) to commemorate their new HQ, P.