In Situ

Examples of existing temporary covers for things in the built environment.
I had been musing on making a scaled-down version of the temporary cover I had observed for the luxury housing block development. Perhaps I could make several, in different shapes and sizes, and perform temporary ‘graphic interventions’ with them on local telecom cabinets.
   Smaller versions already exist in the form of Out of Order covers on bus stops, parking meters and traffic systems. Indeed, I had previously used one for the Optimology poster Is This Now?
   It follows then to use the vernacular of these existing covers with simple line graphics printed on a sewn pvc shape. 

3D visualisations of the shapes, surface graphics and colours for a prototype pvc cover.
The shapes would be simple boxes or with a slight pitched roof, but all open at the bottom so they could easily be placed over the telecom cabinets. The graphics consist of shapes that suggest rows of windows, but no doors. Abstract enough to look like a housing block, but also to provide enough latitude for variation in the industrial manufacturing process.
   I had been working with shades of grey initially but, once installed, the covers will probably be too well camouflaged in the surrounding greyness of the average London streetscape. The colour yellow is probably more suitable as it is already used for Out of Order covers and other temporary works signs and barriers.
Artwork and delivery of yellow cover prototype.