3D visual of hard/soft Basic House1.
The inclusion of tents and other temporary structures in Model Village means that their lightweight material and form must be taken into account. This creates an interesting tension in the im/permanence of the buildings and structures the models are representing. It could be argued that, with some exceptions, permanent = hard, temporary = soft.
   In the context of our broken housing market, the overcrowding revealed so cruelly by Covid and, of course, homelessness, it feels appropriate to try endowing all the models with the properties of temporariness. ‘Soft’ tent-like representations of buildings and structures, sewn together and filled with a weighted material.
   I set about making patterns for these soft structures, and then prototype in different textiles and weights. The prototype models need to be large enough to work with heavy or unwieldy materials, while small enough that I can print their patterns out on my printer. 
Patterns for the models.
Prototypes in heavy unbleached cotton canvas.
Early prototypes of the Basic House and Cottage in tarpaulin.
I concentrate on working with tarpaulin. A rugged and rudimentary material, it is itself normally associated with shelter and impermanence - which seems fitting here. I start by cutting up old camping groundsheets in various shades of blue and green, before moving on to heavier weights in paper white.

13D visual by G Hartley.